Statement: Spanish Violence in Catalonia

The violent scenes from across Catalonia this morning show that Madrid is more concerned with putting down the vote and the aspirations of the Catalan people than maintaining the veneer of Spanish democracy.

We hear continually from Madrid about their efforts in safeguarding democracy yet we see peaceful voters shot in the head and body with rubber projectiles, we see stun grenades being thrown into crowds and we see police officers smashing their way into polling stations and dragging old and young alike across streets and to their injury.

This is a dark day for European democracy.

Rob McDowall

Member of the Equality Council

Equality and Human Rights Advocate


2 thoughts on “Statement: Spanish Violence in Catalonia

  1. I respect and admire the courage and conviction of those who made the sacrifice to vote and it is inspirational to us in Scotland who also believe in our right to self determination.

    I have been wondering if we will be prepared to raise our game as our drive seems to be in neutral right now

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