The Tories Would Sell Out Our Fishing Industry And Have Said As Much Before

The Tories would happily bargain with Scotland’s fishing industry and the First Minister highlighted yesterday, that the Tories once described Scottish fishermen as expendable. 

Would you trust the Tories with Scotland’s fishing industry?

Listen: On The Radio Talking About Scottish Independence, The General Election And What It Means To Be Scottish

On the 18th April 2017 I was on Voice of Islam Radio talking about Scottish Independence, the snap general election and what it means to be Scottish. You can listen to the whole call here – which includes a number of fantastic contributions including my favourite call by far from Ya’akov Sloman.

Morag Fulton – My Inspirational Person of the Month

Morag Fulton is an inspirational, dedicated and truly outstanding disability and equality advocate and SNP council candidate for Stirling West. The great people of Stirling West need have no reservations; Morag’s immense dedication to social justice is matched only by her integrity and desire to empower and stand up for each and every person within her ward. My only sadness is that I don’t live in Stirling West.

Like Morag’s page on Facebook at or follow her on Twitter at

Theresa May And The Tories Are Playing A Dangerous Game In Scotland

The major problem with the Scottish Tories is that they are very clearly misreading the political situation in Scotland. 

The Holyrood elections did not see Scotland uncharacteristicly run to embrace Conservatism but rather traditional Scottish Labour voters sought a refuge as their party was in the midst of dying a death. 
Scottish Labour voters saw a party so impotent and so inept that any meaningful vote cast for them would be wasted in the expected sea of yellow. It was with realisation that Scottish Labour voters crossed the floor and voted for a brash pretender with gall and effrontery and a desire to hold the First Minister to account. 

Ruth et al need to stop proclaiming that they’ve somehow turned Scotland blue; it is absolutely untrue and is being used to muddy the waters surrounding talks of a mandate and support for Conservatism and Unionism in Scotland. This, by extension, is being used to somehow paint the Prime Minister as some demigod who’s broken through in Scotland. 

She hasn’t and she’ll come to learn that Conservatism is not suddenly being embraced the length and breadth of Scotland. Labour died and the Tories picked up opposition votes from those determined to make a SNP government answer to a strong opposition.  

What do you think? Are the Tories playing a dangerous game?

Wullie Rennie And The Policing Bill That Never Was

In late 2014 The Daily Record, the Morning Star and the Herald all reported that the Liberal Democrats owed Police Scotland £800,000 for providing policing at its 2013 conference. This unpaid bill was (and still is) regularly banded around on social media but it simply isn’t true.

While Police Scotland does provide policing at large-scale public events in order to maintain public order and prevent breaches of the peace, there was no £800,000 policing bill sent to the Lib Dems and no request for them to pay any such amount was made.

Police Scotland confirmed this in a Freedom of Information request via the WhatDoTheyKnow website and the original reply can be viewed online at – – I share this as I have seen a few people I know sharing this and when we are debating about Scotland’s future, it is important that we are accurate.

Lord howard

Tory Peer And Former Party Leader, Lord Howard Says May Would Go To War Over Gibraltar

The world is watching Theresa May and her Government stagger from one Brexit related disaster to another and yesterday was no exception. Former Thatcher and Major cabinet minister and Tory party leader Michael Howard was interviewed by Sky News and stated that Theresa May would lead Britain into war to protect the sovereignty of Gibraltar against claims by Spain. The intervention came days after draft EU negotiating plans spelled out the bloc’s position that Spain could be given a veto over post-Brexit deals applying to Gibraltar.

Rather than flatly condemning Howard’s comments, Number 10 said:

“All that Lord Howard was trying to establish, was the resolve that we have to protect the rights of Gibraltar and its sovereignty as I have set out.

“We’ve been very clear that we will support fully Gibraltar’s right to its sovereignty.”

We are only days into the triggering of Article 50 and we have growing tensions over Gibraltar’s future and an unelected Tory peer raised a hue and cry and put Spain on notice, all the while being defended by the Prime Minister.

Watch the Michael Howard and Sky News interview below